Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Feeling Crazy Again

I am a very organized person, sometimes venturing into anal retentive land. My house is usually tidy, a place for everything and everything in its place. I am on time, I am prepared...usually, and when I'm not I am in a constant internal battle not to have smoke come out my ears and fire out my mouth.

Last night my son had to be to his choir rehearsal half an hour early. No problem, we made it there in time. I heated his supper in the kitchen microwave, just as planned, allowing a few extra minutes afterwards for him to change into his uniform. Always thinking ahead, I had him wear his street clothes until he was finished so if he spilled on himself he wouldn't spill on his choir clothes. Good call on my part, he spilled.

That was the only smooth planning on my part. When we first got to the building, I immediately realized that I had grabbed the many things he would need to wear in his two different uniforms for the planned photo shoot, but had forgotten two. This was very frustrating because they were the same two items I forgot last time he had to get dressed in uniform. !

The next problem came when I was heating his supper in the microwave. I wasn't watching it and it got overheated, too hot to eat, so I put it in the freezer to cool off. I set the bowl on top of something already in the freezer and thought to myself, "self, careful, that could tip over." But then I told myself, "ah, it'll be fine." Nope, I should've listened to the angel shoulder, not the devil shoulder. The bowl tipped, supper spilled out into the freezer.

I was already feeling frustrated at forgetting the two uniform pieces, and now I had to clean up a mess I made in the freezer. ! Plus, I was feeling rushed because while I arrived early like I planned, so had many others - others who didn't need to eat their supper and then change, so I felt like my son was behind schedule. !I don't like feeling rushed, I don't like forgetting things, and I don't like making messes when I realized it was a strong possibility. !

No fun. Breath in, breath out, calm down. How dare I feel upset at these things when my husband has a bad day at work nearly every day. And not just 8 hours of a bad day, but often 10 or 14 hours of a bad day. And he doesn't complain, so I better just learn to suck it up and put on a smiley face.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Face + Goo = No Sleep

Ever try to sleep with cheeks full of goo, and not get the goo on your pillow? If you have, and you've had success, I'd love to hear your tips. I have Aquafor smeared all over my cheeks to keep my skin moist after having had laser skin resurfacing done yesterday.

Last night I tried to sleep on my back with my face towards the ceiling. Very tough to do if you're a side sleeper. I tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable place. Around 1:30 I gave up on trying to sleep in my bed and decided to give the couch a go. I've taken naps on the couch lying on my back so I thought I might have better luck there.

I finally got some sleep, but my alarm was buzzing at me sooner than I was ready. I had an unusually early (crazy early! 4:50!) start to my day, so I slid back on to the couch as soon as I could to try to get some more sleep. I'm glad to report I feel fully rested now, although I did turn my face in my sleep once and get the goo on my pillow. Oops.