Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Note to Self:

If the deep chest freezer starts to make a noise, even a little, continuous rattle, that it didn't make before - pay attention. It could mean the freezer is about to die and all the frozen food will thaw and be wasted.

Note to freezer: If you're going to die, try to give me a better heads up than a little, continuous rattle. Maybe try a flashing light and siren.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Muddy Carpet

If you're going to dig holes in the yard on a rainy day, could you at least have the courtesy of wiping your dirty little paws on the rug before you go racing through the house leaving muddy pawprints everywhere?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Open...Open, I Say

Open, pickle jar! Why must you resist me twisting the cap off? Why must you fight the inevitable? I realize I eat many of your slices at a time, putting many on my sandwich and eating even more on the side, with a carelessness not used on the Claussens. Take comfort knowing no sandwich is complete without the zip and crisp of pickles.

Open, I say, open! If you resist my strength alone, I will resort to the gripper opener. You will be defeated. Succumb.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

No Thanks

If you're hands are nasty dirty please show your politeness by just washing up before a meal in public. Thanks for trying to be polite, but I'll just get my own straw.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Complaining Again

I'd like to take this time to complain about the lack of customer service exhibited by the greater population of people nowadays. It drives me nuts!

I hate when I'm trying to pay at a store and the cashier is busy chatting with another employee. It especially drives me nuts when they're talking about how much time they have left on their shift. Shut up and get to work. If you want to talk about how you hate your job and can't wait to get out of there, at least wait until there aren't any customers to serve. You're in the customer service line of work.

One time when I paid by credit card I couldn't sign the receipt for the cashier because I didn't have a pen. Was she serving her customer? No. She was completely turned away and yakking at her co-cashier. I felt rude to interrupt just to ask for a pen.

Today while I was getting my hair cut the lady was yakking at the two other stylists that she wants to trade weekends because when she works she doesn't get as much tip money as the others seem to. Hello!? Please talk about that when there's no customer!

To make it worse, she was too busy yakking about the tips she wasn't making and cut off too much hair! Agh! Maybe there's a reason you're not bringing in big tips, lady! Pay attention to what you're doing!Dumb me, I still paid a tip.

Damn Minnesota Nice in me. Grrr.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Inflatable Lips

I just watched the movie Spartan. It's a political thriller. President's daughter goes missing, Val Kilmer is the super agent who goes to find her. The opening scenes of the movie introduce a female soldier who is seen again much later.

I couldn't focus on the movie when she was in the scenes. She is a pretty lady, but that's not what kept distracting me. It was her crazy lips. All I could think was that she must've come to the set right from her collagen appointment. In one scene you could even see wrinkles around her lips where she was working muscles to pout her lips out even more. !

Maybe I'm wrong and she just has naturally blown up lips. One thing I do know, is it didn't help her sell the character of the female toughie soldier when she had lips that could've saved a few people from drowning after the sinking of the Titanic.

At least she didn't have swollen eyes too. That would've put her on the real weird looking list with Renee Zellweger (aka Bee Sting Face).

Saturday, October 02, 2004


When I'm in the mood to tool around and read blogs, the "next blog" button is very useful. I find myself tooling around a little every day. Just like everyone else, I skip past most and stop and read when something catches my eye.

  • There are some things that I definately pass by on if I see. Here are some:
    you spelled without the y or o - I can take cuz, but u is too much
  • music playing - thanks but no thanks, really, turn it off
  • flash required pop up - we don't all have or want flash
  • animae-esque cartoon drawings - again, no thanks
  • foreign language - can't read it or I'd be very interested to read what's going on in another culture

I'm an easily annoyed person when in certain moods, so I may be even pickier than the list above. Those are just the general, happy mood no-nos.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Quiz Trouble

I just took another quiz for one on of my online classes. Most quizzes for this class have been two chapters at a time, but this one was only one chapter. The quizzes are timed. Most have been for 15 to 20 minutes, since this was half the content, it had less time, seven minutes.

I had done 9 of the 10 questions and was stumped on one of them. The class is Art Appreciation and the current chapter is architecture. Because the quizzes are online they are, of course, open book. The question I couldn't find an answer for was about Buckminster Fuller.

I know! What the heck is a Buckminster Fuller!? I wasn't even sure at first if it was the name of a person or a thing. I couldn't find Buckminster or Fuller in the index, nor could I find the words scanning through the sections about each of the five multiple choice answers.

I finally ended up opening up another window and searching google. Perfect. Buckminster Fuller was/is an architect known for geosomething domes. Switch back to the first window, mark my answer, save it. Great! Wrong.

A window popped up that said my time had expired. I click the little "OK" and proceeded to submitting my quiz to the professor. Problem is, apparently you can't submit if you run out of time. ? Wah? I had saved my answers along the way so I think those should be possible for submission. (Plus, I even saved the last one I had to look up on google.)

I e-mailed my professor and I'm hoping she'll let me re-do it or something. I know I don't get special rules but come on! I was done for Pete's sake! I think next I'm going to e-mail her and contest over the question about this guy Buck. He wasn't in the book for crying out loud!

But, oh well, I am only trying to pass the class. I have done well in all my classes up to this point. These two online classes I'm taking are the last two I need to graduate. I'm trying to do well, but I'll be happy as long as I pass and can graduate.