Monday, November 22, 2004

She Was Right

I just finished reading In The Lake of The Woods by Tim O'Brien. I stumbled across a blog, which escapes me now, and it was recommended as a good read. And also as a book to read with someone else because "you'll want someone to talk about the book to."

She was right. Several times during the book I would've liked to discuss it with someone. Darn. The book is about a woman who goes missing and it makes you wonder if she left her husband or if he offed her. Hubby would have some good thoughts to share on the book. He's real smart on book stuff, plus he has good ideas in general.

He likes to read, but not as much as he likes to play computer and video games. He used to listen to audio books on his drive to work, but now he carpools and only listens the days he drives. Maybe one day, far into the future from now, he'll listen to the audiobook of In The Lake of The Woods and then he'll want to discuss it with me. Only by then I won't remember the book well enough to enjoy the discussion. Darn again!

I wish I could at least remember which blog it was so I could see what other books she has to recommend. There's too many in History to figure out which one it was. Darn a third time!

Remember When Christmas Came AFTER Thanksgiving?

I like Christmas as much as the next guy (well, if the next guy is also an atheist who doesn't celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus, but instead as a time to get together with your family and enjoy each other), but do we really need Christmas music on the radio already?

KOOL 108 has been playing the Christmas tunes for a couple of weeks already. My son likes to listen to that radio station at night when he's falling asleep. He's been enjoying the fa-la-la-la-las and the silent nights, but I won't listen to it. I'll wait until we've overeaten and gained weight at Thanksgiving dinner before I think about Christmas music.

I'm not all Bah-Humbug. I've been thinking about my Christmas shopping and have already purchased my Hallmark collector ornaments, but I'll celebrate Thanksgiving first.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Uh, I Don't Think So

This morning on the news they told about legislation trying to be put through that would make it against the law to fast forward through the ads that are before the movie. What?!

Their argument is that a big driving force behind people spending money on movies comes from watching the ads before the movies on the dvds and being enticed by them. They say if people are allowed to fast forward past the ads, the movie industry will suffer because people won't spend their money on the movies.

Uh, I don't think so. We've been fast forwarding past the ads for as long as there have been ads before the movies. And not just on dvd, we were fast forwarding past the ads on vcr tapes, too. Sometimes we do watch the ads, but if we don't, that's our right.

If the movie industry is worried that they won't be able to reach their audience, perhaps they should consider spending those advertising dollars somewhere else where the audience will be reached. What's next? Johnson & Johnson asking for legislation to make it illegal for us to channel surf on commercial breaks on tv? Sorry, bathroom breaks will be out too. You must sit and watch the ads.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

No E-mail

Hotmail seems to be having some trouble right now. My MSN Messenger tells me I have 5 new e-mails to read, but I can't get to the darn things. Grrr

I'm not paying my bill this month. What's that, it's free? that case, keep up the good work Hotmail. I'll check again later, take all the time you need.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Unsatisfied Sweet Tooth

I was walking upstairs when I got the fabulous notion to step into the garage and get an ice cream bar out of the deep chest freezer. Yes, it's cold outside and not what one would typically consider ice cream season, but I don't let a little thing like that get between me and my sweet tooth cravings.

I was moments away from reaching the door to the garage when I realized...there are no ice cream bars. They all died in The Great Meltdown of 2004. We lost them to the breakdown of the freezer along with their higher-calories, full-fat ice cream bar brothers and their many ice cream sandwich cousins, also in both regular and reduced fat, and their third-cousin-twice-removed Strawberry Sherbet.

What is one with a craving for sweets to do? Crying over melted treats isn't going to get me anywhere.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

My Nose Tickles Like Mad!

I have a cold sore inside my left nostril and it tickles like mad. It's driving me crazy!

Friday, November 05, 2004

Too Disposable

What does it say about our society when there are so many disposable products available? Why wash your dishes with a reuseable cotton washcloth when you can buy disposable, soap-ready washclothes that can be thrown away? Why wash your baby's cotton bib when you can buy a disposable plastic one and throw it away? Why scrub your toilet with the same brush every week when you can buy a disposable one that you can then throw away?

Do we have so much money we're looking for ways to waste it? Are we really that lazy that we'll pay extra to save a few minutes a week of washing laundry?