Saturday, January 29, 2005


Going to see a movie in the theater always makes the movie-watching experience a little better than watching the movie at home on the TV - even the giganto TV that we have. The movie screen is so big and the sound system is so over-the-top that the whole movie seems better and effects you more.

One big downside to seeing a movie in the theater, though, is that there are often other people at the theater. These other people aren't the don't-talk-during-the-movie type either. There's always a person or two, and inevitably near me, that must lean over to their movie-watching partner and whisper, well, what they think is a whisper but really isn't, something about the movie.

I don't want to hear anybody's observations about the acting, the plot, the actors' previous roles, nothing! That's what you talk about when the house lights come on and you're walking to your car.

Last night Hubby and I went to see The Aviator (by the way, thumbs up) and I had a couple of the talkers near me. Their "whisperings" weren't even anything worth "whispering." They were telling their movie-watching partner about things that were so obvious my blood pressure was going up every time I had to overhear them. An example, the actor is sitting in an airplane and the propeller is spinning; I overhear, "He's going to fly the plane."

Good thing that got straightened out or nobody would understand the movie!