Saturday, March 12, 2005

What a turd!

Yesterday I came home from the gym as usual, but found little tufts of cotton stuffing strewn about the upstairs...this was not usual. I thought Cute Little Dog had probably scratched open a pillow or found a stuffed toy to demolish.Wrong, Naughty Little Sucker had scratched at the comforter on our bed until it was sliced open. The many wads of cotton were from inside the comforter.

What a turd! I just repainted our bedroom a mere few months ago, all in colors around the colors in the comforter - hours and hours and hours of painting the walls, a second color on the walls, painting the furniture three different colors. What a Turd! (Notice that's a turd with a capital t.)

If he were a kid, I could scold him and tell him he was buying the us a new comforter. My only compensation was watching him try to poop this morning. Ha ha, sucker! The cotton I found on the floor was the cotton he had chosen not to eat. He squatted and got out his first log, but then there was a bunch of cotton stuffing. And the cotton stuffing was giving him quite a hard time. Ha ha! At least in the end, his own little turd was giving my Little Turd a tough time just as he had given me a tough time.

Maybe that'll learn him not to eat our bedding. (I'm clearly delusional if I think that's the case.)