Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I'm okay with the dog napping with me. It's especially nice in the cold weather to have his warm little body. What I don't like is when he lays on top of the blanket and traps me. This morning he did just that.

He knows he can't sleep with us at night, but often he'll come lay with us once it's morning. Then it's not sleeping with us, but napping because we should be up. This morning he jumped on the bed and got himself all cozy - right next to me. No, right next to me. Big ol' bed, lots of empty space, but he laid as close as he could.

He lays so close it makes the blankets feel tight around me. It makes me feel trapped. I'm not a claustrophobic person, but I don't like the feeling of the blankets being so close around me.

I tried a couple tricks with Naughty Dog this morning. Once I realized he was trying to trap me, I leaned into him a little. Once he laid down and thought he had me trapped, I just rolled back to where I was in the first place and got myself untrapped. Ha! Take that!

Nope, after about fifteen seconds he realized I had too much freedom in movement and got up to try to trap me again. I tried the lean in trick another time or two and he just readjusted each time.

Then I decided to be a little pushy about keeping my space. I just lifted the blankets up enough to make him roll back to another part of the bed. Just like before, he'd just get up after a little bit and try to trap me all over again.

I wasn't really sleeping, but just laying awake and resting because I didn't have to get up for a while. It would've been a much more relaxing time if I didn't have to try to play keep-from-getting-trapped with the dog.