Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What Time Is It When an Elephant Sits on Your Flowers?

I am not the best gardener. My thumbs are far from green, but I have tried my luck growing flowers again this summer.

I have faithfully watered my flowers everyday, and even twice on the really hot days if I was home. The flowers aren't exactly flourishing, but they're okay. Well, most of them are okay.

I have 6 pots of flowers, each with a few different kinds of flowers. Of course, I purchased them. I wouldn't know what to put together to make them look nice. One of the pots looks like an elephant sat on it.

My nephew Scream decided he needed to have his bike on the sidewalk next to the flowers. I told him to stay on the driveway, and in the process of turning the bike around and going back to the driveway, the bike and Scream fell on one of the pots. This particular pot had a very tall flower growing in the center. Now there is a stub where it used to be. Nice.